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Welcome to Ignite Church of Thousand Oaks!

What to expect on a Sunday:

  • Expect people to treat you like you’re family.
  • Infants – Kindergarten aged children can be taken to the nursery at the beginning of service, unless you choose to keep with you during worship (which we encourage!)
  • Elementary aged children will go to Sunday school after our time of music is over.
  • There will be music! Raising your hands while worshipping is always okay with us.
  • You’ll hear a message from one of our pastor’s or Ignite Church members that is given to them by the Holy Spirit. It will apply directly to your life.
  • Our service will be around an hour and thirty minutes.
  • People can be dressed informally. There is no dress code! Flip flops and jeans are welcomed.
  • After service, stick around to fellowship and have a cup of tea, coffee, and a sweet treat.

Let’s Be Social!



    10am on Sunday morning!


    384 Erbes Rd., Thousand Oaks, CA 91360. We meet at the corner of Erbes Rd. & Hillcrest Dr. at Hillcrest Christian School.


    Info:  igniteto@ignitechurches.org


    Office: (805) 777-7790

    Ignite Church has been a wonderful blessing for the last 8 years in my life. I love our Holy Spirit-led church and that God is at the center of our lives. I have learned to have a deeper relationship with God through OSL classes, sermons on Sunday at 10:00 AM, Ignite PM on Tuesday eves, Bibles Studies, and in how we fellowship with one another. I don't just honor God at church on Sunday but live my life throughout the week serving God and honoring Him. I have found such peace and comfort, in God's kindnesses and grace. This church is filled with loving caring people who help you find your way, no matter where you are in relationship with God. Come and join us!

    Chris J., - Moorpark, CA

    When looking for a Spirit-filled church, this is the one that kept coming up so our family gave it a try and we’ve been there ever since. Ignite Church is a Christ-centered church that includes a whole lot of love and support. Whether you are looking to dig deeper into your relationship with Christ and fellow believers, or come to hear the word on Sunday, this church is an absolute blessing.

    Heather & Jason D., - Thousand Oaks, CA

    After I got born again, I desired to find a place where I could learn and grow in the freedom of my new identity in Christ. God has used Ignite Church to do this; it is a place for people who want to get real about their walk with God and want to experience Him in a real and personal way. I am so thankful that God brought me here and I can’t wait for all the things He has planned!

    Andrew N.

    Ignite is a church that will change your life. I say this with certainty because the power of the Holy Spirit abides powerfully at Ignite Church and it crushes through strongholds! Ignite is not an ordinary place by any means; people experience the true love of God at our church. We are a united family built upon the foundation of Christ’s love. In only a few months of regularly attending Ignite Church, everything about my life has been transformed! When you come, you will experience the presence of the Lord and it will leave an impression upon your heart; I guarantee it!

    Heather D., - Thousand Oaks, CA

    Family, fellowship, and growth are words I use to describe my experience at Ignite Church. Since attending Ignite, I've been challenged to press into God more, while gaining a family of believers that have walked with me through many trials and changes of life. I am forever grateful!

    Gina W., - Thousand Oaks, CA

    Life changing experiences and spiritual growth abound at Ignite Church. Praise be to God for this church!

    Caleb W., - Thousand Oaks, CA

    As a newer believer and a former atheist married to a strong women of God, we had visited many churches before visiting Ignite Church. We were looking for a church that would meet both our needs. What we found at Ignite Church had nothing to do with the programs, events or the entertainment value of the services. We found and experienced God's presence, His power working through the Holy Spirit, His grace, and love abounding. We found fellowship amongst a genuine and loving group of servants of Christ who display complete and utter devotion to God, His word, and His will, and who relentlessly pursue truth through the inspired word of God. We have been discipled and shown what being a Christian means through the leadership, instruction and example of a strong body of believers. The impact on our lives and our spiritual walk has been profound.

    Rob W., - Newbury Park, CA